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(Or a restaurant, hall, anywhere!)

Guests: 6-8 Adults

No acting experience necessary!

- Includes Character booklets & invitations

- Includes Murder package in advance:

                 details and information about the case and story

- Includes Host & Actors to run the party

- Includes music to fit the theme

- Includes a prize for the winner

(Guest who solves the mystery)

- NOT included: Food & Drink 

Cost: $90 Deposit + $55 per Guest

Extra $150 for party Photography 


How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your theme and # of guests. 

Fill out the inquiry form and submit.

Scroll down to see party themes!

Step 2: We will send a quote, and a customized party plan, complete with characters & storyline. If satisfied, you pay the deposit to book your party date!

Step 3: You will receive customized party invitations to send out to your guests. You will also receive a character booklet for each guest, and a plot outline to submit in advance, so they may familiarize themselves with their part and the mystery. 

Step 4: On the day of your party, we will arrive in advance to set up and give you a full run-down. The host and actors will be running the mystery party (you don't need to worry about anything). We will facilitate the game, make everyone feel comfortable, assist the guests with their characters, and make sure everyone is having fun and that things are running smoothly.

The gameGuests will have received their characters in advance. On their way in, we will hand them a card which tells them if they are the murderer or not.


Round 1 will include mingling, eating and drinking, asking questions and getting to know the other characters (no acting experience is necessary- guests can be as into their roles as much or little as they like). Guests will reveal information in this round (found in their character booklets) that will be relevant later. People might choose to keep notes!

Round 2: The murder and details surrounding it are revealed. Guests will unveil clues one at a time, defend themselves with alibis etc., put pieces of the mystery together, and participate in some funny games & challenges along the way. 

Round 3: Guests will ask final questions, put the mystery together and make their accusations. There is also an option to nominate guests for best costume and other awards. The murderer will be revealed, make their guilty speech, and those who correctly solved the crime will receive a prize!

Choose a party theme:

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